Berry Patch Fabrics

This class will give you several options, as shown. CHOOSE ONE to make during class. When you finish that one, feel free to start another (also of your choice). If you have a portable sewing table, be sure to bring it as we will be spreading out all over the store. Also, if you can bring an iron and an ironing board/pressing mat it will be VERY helpful! If you already have a single hole throat plate, you may want to use it.  Snacks are always welcome.

Moda Floral: One Moda Jellyroll with diagonal (45 degree) joining of strips. Not quilted. I think Moda was the first with the forty 2 ½" pre-cut strips. Other brands have different names, as the term Jellyroll is a trademark.
Sidebars: One Balipop (Sherbet) This one is just a little different construction with the strips being sewing side by side.

Longarm quilted by Lisa Yarost.

Green Grass of Home: One Balipop, plus a few more strips from my stash. Squares (2 ½") are between strips. Note: This was the first "jellyroll" quilt I made and it was another of those designed on the fly. I think I decided it was too wide and cut some off of the sides. Later, when it was ready to be quilted I decided to add those strips back to the sides, maybe. One-half yard of an accent should be adequate for the squares and binding.

Quilted by Gail
Green Grass Detail

Carnival: A Tonga Treat (brand) with 20 strips plus another 20 strips from a Balipop. Strips are cut into halves and thirds. The border is being auditioned. The strips are joined in a straight up and down (90 degree) seam.
Border Audition

Black and White: This set was cut by an individual store owner. Twenty strips were used and then added to from my stash. This is not finished and should have a large appliqué on it by class time. Joined with diagonal seams.

Boxes I: One Balipop (River Rock) within the brown narrow border.
Boxes II: Part of a second River Rock Balipop was used for the area outside of the brown inner border and some on the back. A second jellyroll would not have to be exactly the same; it could be one that blends with the first.

Longarm quilted by Lisa Yarost.

Courthouse Steps (with no fall leaves): One Balipop plus some longer than 40" strips from my stash. Pam Sumpter told us about this, so I just jumped in with both feet. If you are not already familiar with this classic log cabin type, I suggest you choose another technique. 

Quilted by Gail
Courthouse Steps Detail Courthouse Steps Detail

Quilt Sitter Mystery Revealed: One Kaufman Essentials jellyroll and 2 ½ yards background. Note: This is the ONLY ONE in this class that has a background fabric.  For such a short and crowded class, it is probably better if you have already seen this demonstrated in Quilt Sitters.

Quilted by Gail

Carol's Diamond Squares: One jellyroll and "some" extra accent fabric for the joining of strips. I'm thinking 1 yard should be plenty.


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